The following page provides support resources for the Traxa app.

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What do International Intermodal Containers look like?

Traxa is currently designed to capture only international intermodal containers to allow for use all over the world. There are many types of intermodal containers including domestic, refrigerated, and even trailers; however, Traxa is currently focused on capturing and tracking the international intermodal container market.

Each international intermodal container is allocated a standardized ISO 6346 reporting mark (ownership code). Look for:

  1. Four letters long ending in either U, J, or Z
  2. Followed by six digits
  3. Finally, a check digit, which is always inside of a box.

Example International Intermodal Container

The picture to the right depicts the container ID as: CAIU9717102

The check digit is the number 2 inside of the white box.

The 45G1 is not part of the container ID.

Read more about intermodal containers>>


International Intermodal Shipping Container CAIU971710(2) with the number 2 as the check digit inside the white box.

Video - How to Capture an International Intermodal Container with Traxa

The following video starts at the 2:17 mark from Traxa’s team presenting at Arweave’s Demo Day. In this portion of the video, we show after installing Traxa and using Android app to capture an international intermodal container. We then wait for the upload of the data to the blockchain and then view the NFT stored on the blockchain.