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We are building a community-driven logistics tracking platform for the global supply chain starting with intermodal shipping containers to help track and secure the global supply chain.

With Traxa, anyone can track shipping containers from your phone or a Helium-like device, and get rewarded! Traxa is a two-sided marketplace for location information for shipping containers, which carry 90% of the world’s trade. Today the majority of that data is either not collected or trapped in silos within companies. We crowd source data using automated capture devices and a play-to-earn-inspired model for consumers. And we make that data available to shippers, carriers and insurance companies that need it.

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What is Traxa Doing for the Global Supply Chain?

Traxa.io is a global DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) based on "non-art" NFTs of international intermodal shipping containers. The purpose of these "non art" utility NFTs is enable geolocation tracking of these international intermodal containers across the world. Use cases include being able to track an international intermodal container from source to destination and verifying the condition of a container at a particular time. This is accomplished by gamification, "play to earn" and crowd sourcing users by rewarding those for "minting" intermodal container NFTs onto the blockchain to help secure the world's international intermodal trade.

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Problem: No central tracking mechanism for intermodal shipping containers.

The vast majority of the world's international trade of physical goods is shipped via intermodal shipping containers. Each intermodal shipping container is assigned a unique tracking (ISO standardized) number. However, the ships, rail and trucks that transport these containers are fractured across each business that handles the container. It is currently impossible to track a container from departure to destination. This is because every one of these companies that handle these containers this information firewalled - at best - inside of their own business.

Built as a community, Traxa is the solution...

Solution: A community rewarded to track intermodal shipping containers.

We are building a community based global logistics and supply chain distributed enterprise ledger for tracking intermodal shipping containers. More importantly, the platform is being designed from the ground up by the community to be rewarded for their participation in the project through gamification and "play to earn" model.

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We want to allow anyone in the global supply chain to take pictures of intermodal shipping containers, store them as NFTs with their location, which enables tracking the containers anywhere in the world.

Here's where it is really easy - anyone can take a picture with your cell phone and create your own NFT of shipping containers to help the world track intermodal containers.

The technology has been built - the rest is the difficult part... What's the difficult part?

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