Welcome to Traxa DAO, LLC formed in the State of Wyoming!

We are building Traxa.io from the beginning as a community venture to mint "non-art" utility NFTs of intermodal shipping containers to help secure the world's global supply chain. With funding from Arweave and support from our community leads, Traxa is meant to be owned by the community in the form of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Table of Contents

Traxa Accounting and Financials

Interesting in learning becoming a part of our DAO, investing in the project or just wanting to find out more about Traxa? Read about Traxa, watch the video below or feel free to reach out to us.

Video Introduction to Traxa

The following video was presented during Arweave's Demo Day and provided a brief 5 minutes overview of how Traxa works, provides crowd-sourced incentives to track international intermodal shipping containers and a demonstration of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product):


Idea Summary

Below is a quick "idea summary" on Traxa.

Traxa DAO LLC - Idea Summary 202110.jpg

Business Model Canvas

Below is a brief "business model canvas" on Traxa.

Traxa DAO LLC - Business Model Canvas 202110.jpg

Proposal Summary

Traxa.io is a community owned app that contains both a wallet and a picture capture tool. Traxa.io creates/mints "non-art" utility NFTs of intermodal shipping containers that are indexed and searchable on a community owned blockchain. The goal of Traxa.io is to empower those who work in logistics by supporting the individuals and organizations with accurate geo tagged asset tracking.


Value will be derived from the blockchain API and pictures of intermodal containers captured by crowdsourcing from users (i.e. gamers, logisticians such as truckers, longshoremen, captains and eventually, 3PLs - Third Party Logistics) and minted as "non-art" NFTs with their GPS coordinates and other metadata.  As a play to earn platform, Traxa will provide each user that takes a picture of a container with a valid ID, to be rewarded with Traxa.io tokens.  Those who search for the containers on the blockchain will be charged for access.

Everyone who participates in the global supply chain benefits.  As a blockchain and global database of containers, it can be searched for dispatching, tracking and insurance claims on, containers.  In the future, users of the app and holders of the token will be able to share in the revenue for those that access the content on the blockchain.

Validators and Oracles:

The concept of validators and oracles is to define one or more entities who are responsible for validating and supplying data on the Traxa.io blockchain. The backend is analyzed by an Oracle for extracting valid shipping container data (ID, GPS, etc.) and mint the utility NFTs and provide APIs to access the content on Traxa.io's global blockchain.

Register with the Traxa DAO

Want to be a part of the Traxa DAO community? This is the very first step to forming the DAO is to collect both Discord (so we can communicate with you directly) and blockchain addresses (so you can sign and accept rewards).